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Custom Design

Using the most up to date design software ,  A R Engineering are committed to working with the client to realize any idea. Using Inventor software, Brendan will produce detailed mechanical 3D movable drawings before passing them along to Andrew who then builds the product and extensively test to ensure the highest quality.

Andrew & Brendan both have years experience designing and manufacturing a wide range of custom ideas including playground/confidence course for a local scout group, Structural beams for architectural applications, truck decks and trailers, horse racing sulky, skip bin trucks, transport trailers, signage and excavator buckets and more. We have also been contracted to design and build an 8 meter hard top boat.

Our abilities with any metal are limitless.


Email or Phone Brendan today to get your ideas off the ground.


We take it from the design stage to certification so you know you have the highest quality. 

If we do not already have a plan for your digger, excavator, dozer or any thing else. 

Brendan will come out, take measurements, pictures then draw it up and can be certified if required. 


We Custom design our buckets to suit you and your needs. 

Brendan can show you it before we even start the build.

We can design a buckets with your hitch for any make and model. 

8m Boat

Designed by Andrew.

Building a boat seem like simple task when it was talk, but designing  and building took on a new view to this industry. 

With Many challenges along the way and multiple brain storming sessions. It was completed in no time. 

Now this boat is called Dawn Breaker and is used almost every weekend and has never failed.


Quote, Andrew "It is the perfect boat"


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